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IRISH FIREBRANDS (Christine Plouvier) [Fusion Fiction]


How far will a man go, to know his father? To be a father?

He’s an Irish political journalist who’s in search of his past. She’s an American professional genealogist who’s trying to forget hers. But what’s the real reason that keeps bringing them together?

All his life, Dillon Carroll has felt cut off from the past by his lack of parents. Half his life, he’s felt cut off from the future by his lack of posterity. He thinks of his chain of ancestors: the chain that ends with him.

Travel with Dillon and genealogist Lana Pedersen, who becomes his last hope for reconnecting with his roots, and with the meaning of his life: to fulfill his dream of belonging somewhere, to someone, forever….


The Celtic Tiger is losing its fangs, so journalist Dillon Carroll must rent his farm in the Gaeltacht. The worsening exchange rate is depleting the budget of genealogist Lana Pedersen, so the baby-boomer backpacker breaks into a vacant farmhouse for shelter. After the Irishman discovers the American at Drumcarroll, their tangent lives catalyze the chemistry between their beleaguered bodies and stormy spirits.

Dillon stalks Lana with the drive of an investigative reporter; Lana attempts to counter Dillon’s obsessions; compel her emotions to conform to her faith; deal with unfathomable feelings about Drumcarroll farm; flirt with a dairy farmer possessing unusual avocations; and mentor a troubled teenager. Set amid the social controversies of contemporary Ireland, Irish Firebrands portrays psychological crises shattering the bedrock of beliefs and belonging.

Terrible questions – tragic secrets. Touched by madness – torn by vows. Fleeing the past – fearing the future. A quest for deliverance – and evocative evidence that love is eternal.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 (PDF)

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