How it Works

In a nutshell:

  • Only books in the listed genres are accepted
  • Indie-author published and small-press books eligible (traditionally-published books must have had all rights revert to the author before they can be accepted)
  • All books must be complete and published in a paper edition (E-books, PDF, E-Pub, other digital formats, audiobooks, and paid serial publication are optional)
  • Authors upload cover art, synopsis or back-cover blurb, trailer link, links to applicable retail outlets (blog, print-on-demand e-store, online retailers, independent bookshops, etc.), author bio and sample chapter (optional)
  • Direct-from-author outlets must offer a secure secure transaction option (such as PayPal). Check, money order or credit cards also may be tendered for direct sales, but at buyer’s and seller’s risk
  • Readers browse and purchase from their preferred retail outlet

Please see the slideshow on this site’s front page for more details.